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Protect your Lighting System with our new biannual maintenance program

We are now proud to offer a comprehensive Service Plan to help keep your low voltage lighting system in excellent condition. The plan is specially designed for our lighting products, includes 2 visits a year (one in the spring and one in the fall) and will make sure your outdoor lighting always works its best.

Not only do we ensure your entire lighting system is working properly, we also take preventative measures to minimize problems in your wiring and fixtures.

Common Problems

Fix Common Light Problems

Help prevent problems in your investment

Our Lighting Service Plan helps to fix/prevent common lighting problems like broken or cracked lighting fixtures, dirty bulbs or lenses, exposed wires, cracked or damages wires, decreased light output, and misaligned fixtures.

Keep Your System In Optimal Condition

Garden and Home Lighting

What's Included? Spring and Fall Service

Complete service program for your entire system

  • 1. Complete System Inspection
    We will inspect your entire lighting system. It is tested to ensure that all fixtures and light bulbs come on and work properly.
  • 2. Timer and Photocell Inspection
    All lighting timers will be checked (and adjusted to account for daylight savings if needed) for proper functioning. If applicable, lighting photocells will be cleaned and tested.
  • 3. Low Voltage Wire Inspection
    Any lighting wire that has surfaced (typically due to weather, wind, or animals) is repaired and reburied.
  • 4. Transformer Maintenance and Inspection
    All electrical connections at the transformer and wire taps are checked and cleaned of dirt and debris. In addition, the transformer itself is inspected for performance and overall system lighting performance.
  • 5. Optimize Your Lighting Design and Effects
    Weather, wind and landscape growth can move and impact your systems overall lighting effect and efficiency. Therefore, any landscaping that is impacting your lighting will be lightly trimmed or if needed the fixture will be repositioned.
  • 6. Professional Bulb Inspection
    Halogen lights can burn out due to use or sometimes impact, while our LED lights have a very long lifespan. We will inspect (and if needed replace) all light bulbs (prices may vary).
  • 7. Priority Service
    We value our service plan customers, and they receive priority response on repairs.
  • 8. Customer Discounts
    You can save even more when you prepay for your annual service plan.
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