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Rooftop Garden Watering Systems

A growing segment of our work is now in green space expansion. We are no longer confined to ground level work when it comes to offering quality watering systems for plants and grasses. For the past four seasons we have been installing and maintaining small self-contained rooftop watering systems in Boston. Luxury Penthouse rooftop gardens are a growing trend now and create a natural element that has been lost for years in these previously unused rooftop spaces. Now patios, decks, and even outdoor living spaces with Kitchens are a growing trend in all Metropolitan cities.

Our Rooftop Systems:
  • Are fully automated
  • Create healthy gardens and foliage
  • Protect your rooftop design investment
  • Are environmentally friendly
  • Help conserve water
  • Maximize your fertilizer application
  • Are run by easy-to-use timers
  • Durable and reliable

Custom Installations

With 20 plus years of construction background we are able to coordinate all mechanical components necessary to install a fully functioning automatic watering system for your rooftop garden. These plant containers soften the hardscape and increase the aesthetics of your new outdoor space. We water everything from vegetable containers, to hedges and full grown deciduous trees. All container need regular watering on rooftops. Think of the nature of the surroundings, hot black roofs usually made of rubber membrane absorb heat. Elevation of rooftops put them in a windy climate along with full sun exposure. Last the containers are designed to drain well to keep from getting water logged and adding unnecessary weight to the outdoor living space. The engineers designing your project will specify light weight soils to assist in the overall bearing load for adding this material to your rooftop. We presently service the entire Back Bay, Charlestown, South and the North End areas. We have several systems on many prominent hotels in the Boston Area including Boylston St. and Columbus.

Why Wilde Companies?

Wilde Irrigation will install a completely automated system that will last years and save you time and money. Your business is a valuable asset, keep it looking top-notch by using a custom designed irrigation system. You will be glad that you did. Please take a look at our testimonials and give us a call to see how we can help your business today.

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