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Spring Tips

Get Your Power Tools Ready Spring

Early Spring is a great time to get your power equipment ready.
Hopefully, last Fall you got your lawn mower, blower, and trimmer ready for the winter hibernation with a good cleaning and proper maintenance. A little fuel stabilizer never hurt either. But if you didn't, early Spring is a great time to get your hard working power tools ready for the upcoming season. It's really not to difficult, and should only cost about $15-$30 per tool.

Some things to consider: Change your Sparkplug (about $3), change your air filter (if it has one, about $3) and do an oil/filter change (about $10). Each model is different, so be sure to check the manufacturer's manual for complete details. In addition, this is a great Lawn Mower Tuneup guide, complete with pictures and video.

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Keep your Blades Sharp

Green Grass

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A sharp, balanced lawnmower blade is very important for the health of your lawn. A sharp blade cuts grass cleanly, making an even better looking lawn that is less prone to disease. Another bonus is a sharp blade makes your lawnmower's motor work less hard. Which saves you time, effort and even a little gas. And we all know how expensive gas is in the summer. You should plan on sharpening your blade at least twice during the mowing season.

Height Matters - How long do you leave your grass?

Lawns mowed high have more leaf blades so they capture more sunlight. More sunlight means more energy for your grass, and more energy means a greener, healthier lawn with deep root structure. So how high should you mow? It depends on what type of grass you have (Kentucky Bluegrass, Fine Fescue, etc.) and your personal preferences, but a good rule of thumb in Massachusetts is 3-4" inches.

When is the Best Time to Water?

Think earlier the better.
Early morning is the most efficient time to water. Municipal water pressure is at it's peak (because less people are using it), there's less wind to disrupt the water pattern then in the afternoon and evenings, and it minimizes the chance of mold related lawn issues (since the lawn is not wet all night). Conveniently, the Wilde team sets up the optimal watering time for your area during our Spring Start-Up service.

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